From the beginning our plan was to have the students for 16 days and end up with models in scale 1:1 (life size) models. But since we will have to work on a tight budget of 0 kr, and only will be able to have the students for 10 days, we had to restructure of initial plan. Due to this we will now work with the students on a more concept based model, where we will guide them through the design process of designing a piece of furniture or interior, while we will be using the students inputs and feedback while re-designing their learning spaces on a bigger scale.

We have also decided on collaborating with Alina, a master student at Kolding Designschool. MoHo will be working with 1/2 the class on the Design-projects, while Alina will be working with the other half on a Programming-Project. Once in a while we will put the two halves to see what happens when their different approaches are put together in a 1/2 day “quick and dirty” project.

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