Last wednesday the teachers sat down to focus on their presentation for the upcoming board meeting.

After the first workshop both the teachers and us could feel that theory were in need of some more guidance, and guidance with a bit of a firm hand. Guiding with a firm hand doesn’t need to be done in a boring way, so we decided on going for a fun approach by introducing them to a different version of individual brainstorming, a discussion form called Fish Bowl, and the famous – and highly appreciated – morfing. This was put into action with many good discussions and a great deal of laughter. We worked with them for two hours after which they had another 2 hours of putting all their primary ideas into a presentation that will be presented during the board meeting tomorrow morning around 9.

Now it is time for me to pack up the last of the things for the board workshop – the buss leaves at 14.30 – and honking horns, interview cards, sleeping bag and contact lenses is on the list, and so is my lovely computer and a toothbrush.

Can’t wait to tell – and show – you all how it went ;)

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