As we wrote on the top of one of our earlier blogs, now we are up and running, and we are running fast!

Last Friday we had our first workshop together with the teachers. The over all goal workshop was to start the discussion by asking:

Which are the most important fundaments as to be able to build the best possible school regarding both mental and physical space?

As to find this out we put them through a process where they both had to open their mind when it comes to how they use their spaces when teaching and how they teach. This we did by giving them obstructions of different sort. That is what you can see in some of the pictures below. After this we asked them to define what they found to be the 5 most important parameters as to make best possible version of KG.

As we know, people like to talk, especially teachers and politicians, this results in things taking a little longer then planned. Sure, this is something that we always try to take into consideration while building up a workshop, but we can never predict just how much people like to/need to talk things through until the first workshop is over. This time around we felt that it was important to let them talk things through properly when it comes to figuring out the parameters, and as a result of this we asked them to continue this process during the 2 hour meeting set up for this week. During this meeting they also have to work out a plan for how to reach the goals they have set for themselves.

We are more then a bit curious to see what they have come up with the 19th when we meet for our 2nd workshop!


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