Yesterday was the day when the 2nd workshop with the students took place.

When we left them last time we had given them a little assignment [to design a new method for mapping], which they unfortunately had not done. They had thought and talked about it, but not really developed anything new as a result from these discussions. That was a pity, we had been looking forward to hearing about and trying out their ideas.

We just thought “Oh well… !” and continued with the day a bit differently then planned. It was a hard assignment seeing that they just got introduced to Mapping as a method, and especially seeing that they had never really worked with or thought about spaces in this way before.

After this little “oh well” moment, we rearranged the day in such a way that they got our help with figuring out what methods to use when working with the other students at the school.

The 1st team will go out and conduct “walking” interviews with students from different classes and years during the breaks. The output will be text and pictures shown and presented in a slideshow.

The 2nd team will conduct interviews with 2 different classes while these students are having a class. The classes have been chosen depending on what classroom they are in. These interviews will be presented with video-clips, pictures and text.

The 3rd team had decided on dividing it into to parts [which I at this very moment am unable to remember… Bad of me, I know, but it will return, and then I will tell you all about it]

Through out the day the students got more inside knowledge about how to build up a process. Amongst other the groups were asked to write a script with times, methods, notes, props and responsibilities over their mapping process. By the end of the day they presented it all in front of the other teams.

This time around they seem to have more geist for the project. That has probably something to do with the fact that they got to be more active and that they now have a strategy for how to make it all happen.

Next workshop is on Monday, by then they have to have their outputs collected and ready as to be able to put it all together into a cohesive presentation for the big board workshop the 24-25th of September.

They are going to kick some serious ass if all goes according to plan ;)

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