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The aim with the annual KG board meeting is to keep the visions updated and even a bit ahead. This year we where invited to facilitate the 24 hours meeting with 60 participants, here among 20 students from the school.

Day 1.

We arrived at the hut Monday afternoon around 4 pm – some by car some by buss. The concept was to work from 4 pm day1 until 4 pm the day after.

The focus on the afternoon’s program was to ensure that everyone was on the same page. After a small presentation on the interplay between architecture and education we asked the participants to discuss visionary questions regarding the future development of the school structure. In small groups of around five people the topics were discussed and described.

Here after we had a lovely dinner where interesting discussions were brought up and good stories where shared. As an evening activity we made the portrait exercise, where people are drawing each other together with different colors of crayon. It’s a really nice exercise seeing that people can drink their after-dinner coffee, relax and laugh about how the end result turned out.

Day 2.

After breakfast we started up with the presentation of the two working groups – the teachers and the students. (You can read more about these groups in former blog posts). Afterwards we went deeper into the vision and how to fulfill all the goals by 2020. Thoughts where thought, visions described and ideas visualized throughout the day.

In the end of the day we had a lot of models that conceptualized processes the various groups went through as well as it captured a grand spectra of creative ways to think about learning spaces.

A very important conclusion that came out of the meeting and that truly caught the attention of both students , teachers, and board members was that better facilities do not make a difference if no one knows how to use them. And that’s what we will continue working on!

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