We have been asked to be a part of a project called Kids n’ Tweens in the city of Vejle, where you as well find Plan B School. We are going to facilitate a workshop that takes place the 5th of january that includes 80 kids and 20 adults (teachers, furniture designers, students from amongst others the sports department at Odense university, graphic designers and many more).

Friday the 9th of december Heidi and i took part of a seminar/workshop with about 16 others connected to the project. the purpose with this day was to get more information about, for example, active learning, technology and the research in similar fields, AND we had to figure out a structure for the workshop the 5th of jan.

The morning was spent listening to different aspects of active learning and research about the subject. The morning was “open” for the public, while the afternoon was for projects-members only.

After lunch the workshop started, facilitated by Heidi. It started out with us being divided into teams. 2 teams of 3, 1 team of 4. Then we were asks to design the front of a newspaper with all the headlines we would like to see as a response to the workshop. When that was done we did a little presentation of what we were hoping to see on the covers of magazines/news papers.

Step two: Still in groups we were set down to work on coming up with ideas for speed prototyping, workshop layout, brain breaks/ice-breakers. The different subjects were divided so that each group got one subject. After about 10-15 minutes we were asked to change table so that we could continue on on one of the other tables. We switched table 4 times, so by the 4th time we were back were we started and could read and see (many drawings were made along the way) what the other groups had come up with. Small presentation. As the final part of the workshop we were divided into 3 new teams. This time we were supposed to do a more specific layout of the workshop, a layout that included activities, activity details and times.

By the time we were done it was 5 in the afternoon, and most people were itching to go back to their families and meet up with their friends. As a final we did the same as we’ve done in all of the workshops we’ve held the last few weeks, we stood around in a ring and told everyone that at 3 we all entered the ring with one leg and one arm (the right ones) and said “Thank You For Today”. It’s a good way to get a clear finish of the day, and people can rush away without a bad conscience.

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