The first school we are going to work with now after we are done with our graduation is Københavns åbne Gymnasium. Now the question is: Which ones will be next…? And, is it going to be a school that is already established or one that is about to be built? No mater what the answer will be, we are looking forward to it. New projects equals new experiences with people and a chance to come up with new methods which is something that we truly enjoy.

A little info about Københavns Åbne Gymansium [or KG as we will be calling it in our future blogs]

KG is a high school placed in Valby, Copenhagen. The school is currently developing new learning spaces at Sjælør boulevard. While developing these new spaces the board decided to not only hire the architect Peter from In_Situ, but that is was time to involve the students and teacher as to find out what they were looking for in the new space. And because they are the experts on KG’s everyday learning situations and education.

MoHo was invited to not only facilitate this process, but also to educate students in facilitating so that they are able to involve co-students and teachers throughout the process. The main goal with these user processes is to qualify the new architecture, while some of the bi products will be to create a idea-library where you will find pictures of a spectrum of space they like and other that they do not [all with a small quote explaining why they appreciate them/why they do not], to create a greater feeling of ownership to the school in general and the new area in particular and to open the minds of students and teachers as to how they can use existing spaces and future spaces in alternative ways.

MoHo will be a part of the process involving users during fall 2012, and here the users will evaluate existing spaces and add new ideas [to the idea-library]. Wednesday the 5th we then had our first workshop with 2nd graders from the innovation team, and they where really great and super productive. From 12-16 the students had and introduction to the designprocess, facilitation, architecture and principles for spaces, they went out and did their own fieldwork as well as we diskussed the different methods being used. Their homework for next time is to develop new evaluation/mapping methods, so that more users of the school can be involved. We will be trying our these methods through out our next workshop taking place this upcoming monday, after which we will discuss what worked and what needs to be worked on. We are truly curious to find out what they have come up with!


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