Later on in the evening, Wednesday the 7th, we had a parent-meeting. The goal with this meeting was to tell the parents more about us, our plans with this project and to give them more of an insight into the way we work.

When we first entered the room we were going to use for the meeting most of the parents had already arrived and had a cup of coffee in their hands. That is always a good start. While we were setting up the computer to the projector and fixing some other small things we had a chance to ask them if anyone of their children had mentioned anything about their day. One of the mothers then told us that her son came home with loads of energy and a big smile telling her that today had been the best day he had ever had in school. Now that is a reward in itself. It felt like walking on clouds.

For this meeting we had planned to show them the results from the workshop we just had with their kids and to let them try one of the exercises we are going to have with their kids that is called Morf.

When Morfing they are asked to take to pictures from our deck of morf-cards, combine the two cards in one way or another and then build something out from that idea. They were told they could work in groups, pairs or alone, depending on what they felt most confortable with. All of them chose to work with the person sitting next to them in pairs.

We have noticed that exercises where people are told that the result not only doesn’t have to be perfect, but that it shouldn’t be perfect, is a bit hard in the beginning for almost all ages. We learn from such an early age that there is such a thing as Right and Wrong that it is hard to get people to except a challenge when they are asked to experiment and just put something together really quick.

Therefor we didn’t know how the parents were going to react towards this exercise, and to our relief it became more popular then we could have ever imagined. Some just went straight at it while others had needed some time to let lose as to be able to go with the flow.

After everyone had finished building and were digging into the cakes they were asked to present their models and the cards from with it had derived. Some were more shy then others but all in all it went well.


What was good with this is that Heidi, Alina and I could walk around and talk to the parents while they were building and in that way get to know where there kids come from, give them a chance to ask us whatever they wanted and get to know the people who was going to work with their children.

When the presentation was done we continued talking for a bit, there were some more questions from all sides that were in need of some answers and some basic information about contact numbers and e-mail addresses to be sorted out. Some of the parents even stayed longer which was really nice.

All in all was the entire day a bit of a success story for us. Happy stundets, happy parents and happy teachers, oh and we were very happy too (and very, very tired)


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