Wednesday this week we had, what we call, MoHo School bus, where teachers, leaders and architects from both Denmark and Sweden visited different schools around Copenhagen.

It was our first tour with the school bus but, as it looks right now, not our last. It entire endeavor came about when two of the people with whom worked in the past asked if we could set something up for them if they came down to Copenhagen for a visit. We figured that there would be more people interested in this little trip, so we asked around and found out that we were right.

All in all we ended up being 12 people in the bus, and we managed to visit 4 schools throughout the day.

We started up by meeting outside Ørestad Gymnasium, after which we headed over to Ørestad School, which lies wall to wall and share a common playground with the gymnasium. After this we headed over to Copenhagen Open Gymnasium (KG) , with whom we’ve been working this semester.

Then it was time for lunch at Elefanten located on the premises of the Carlsberg brewery (they serve a delicious Chevre Chaud Sallad…). The next stop was KG space called Tap E, located just on the floor above the café.

After this we got back into the bus and went to Rysensteen Gymnasium where Klaus, one of their lovely leaders, gave us a good sum up of the Danish school system while showing us the original school and the new spaces located in the meatpacking district.

More information on the various schools you find through the links

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