Not that we have had a real vacation since this project started, but we are not complaining. The fact is that we enjoy what we do, and hope on continue working in this field after we are done with our studies as well.

Just the other day we received an e-mail that warmed our hearts. It was form one of the teachers that we worked with last semester. She was so happy with what we had done together with the students, and had spoken about us to colleagues of hers working at other schools. Soon she will be changing location, and would love for us to come and do what we do, with her new class… Who are we to say no to such an offer.

Strangely enough it feels like the pressure to do well a second time is bigger then it was during our first. It probably depends on the fact that she has seen us in action, she knows what we can do, and if I was her, i would expect us to be better then last time seeing that we now have had a chance to practice…

Monday we (Heidi, Alina who’s working with teaching and programming, Lasse the head master, and I) sat down for an evening meeting. We talked about our personal goals and expectations with this semester and project, possible scenarios and logistics. Trying to figure our dates that will work for the teachers we will be working with, Alina, Lasse and us MoHo’s, now that is tricky.

Yesterday was a rather different day since Heidi and I didn’t have time to meet until around 12.30. At that time i had already signed the contract for my new students flat, been down to the office and worked out all the papers and been at the doctors. All of this turned the day up-side-down and caused serious unbalance in our work schedule. So we ended up moving all my things from one side of town into my new place, then went for a well deserved hot chocolate. Did we do any serious work? Not really, but we did set the layout of today, and so far things are going according to plan.

As we have written about earlier we have decided to divide this semesters project into 2 different tracks, the architecture-track and the design-track. With the A-track we will be working with the students so that we get their inputs while re-designing their school. The D-track on the other hand will be designed by the students, and we will be standing on the side line giving them tools to design, and guiding them when and where it is needed.


Today we took a closer look on the A-track, working on designing a process that will take us where we want to be by the end of the semester. We started off by defining or goal. Read above “GOAL: A new concept plan that listens to the “schools” (students and teachers) needs

This is a model that makes it easier to divide responsibilities, and figure out which areas are mutual.
Time to go to a meeting with our mentor Jörgen

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