Once upon a time there were two girls, a short colorful danish one, and a tall less colorful swedish one, that met in the wonderful School of Architecture in Aarhus Denmark. Even though they were so different in both hight and style they immediately became good friends and enjoyed one anthers company immensely. After 3 years they could not only celebrate 3 years as friends but also a bachelor degree in architecture. At this time both of the girls felt they were in big need of new inputs when it came to such things as architecture and ways of tackling projects and problems so the Dane decided to apply for an internship developing a workshop for kids and the Swede (who doesn’t believe she’s a viking but a lizard seeing that she’s always cold) decided to go to Sydney and work in a wonderful small office called Terroir.

Throughout this period of physical distance the mental distance grew smaller and smaller. An idea and dream started to develop, they wanted to change the world. How were they going to do this? At by gaining knowledge, then using this knowledge for good. They had decided that no mater how they twisted and turned the problems in the world it all boiled down to one thing, Education.

So now, in the present, they are starting to explore the caves, hallows, mountains and ponds of education systems and facilities. They know that this is an extremely big and important task they have decided to get into, and how they will handle it and what will come out of it they don’t really know. The future is uncertain. The worst that can happen is that they fail, and in reality failure really isn’t all that bad, unless you don’t learn anything from it, then it is a true failure (but if they never learn from their mistakes, then maybe they wouldn’t really learn from their achievements either, and that would be one of the most horrific stories of lost knowledge that they have ever heard)

This is where you will be able to follow their journey for knowledge about a subject that has surrounded them for the better part of their lives.

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