We have been absent from the blog for a bit, but don’t think for a minute that that is because we are just chilling, eating ice-cream at the beach. Not to say that we don’t eat any ice-cream, believe me, we do, but only in the breaks from working on the final paper that is necessary for the the final project.

So far we have about 170 pages of main text, and around 50 pages appendix.

One very vice person once said: All small things takes at least 20 minutes! and that is oh so true, and we have a lot of small things that needs to be changed, produced or enhanced before we are ready to hand it in for print the 4th of june. So these weeks are full, full of small changes and early mornings.

Last week both of us were out of town. Heidi attended an Index: meeting in Copenhagen regarding their education project, while i spent 3 days at a conference in Stockholm called Future Learning. The leader of the conference asked me a while back if i would like to attend, and i could not say No. The first two days were spent working in a workshop where we were asked to come up with a concept for 1 of 2 case studies. My team consisted of 2 architects, 1 acoustic expert, 1 school leader and me. It was an interesting constellation that i hope everyone found as interesting to work in as i did. We all had our different views and expertise when entering the project, and the discussions that came out of it i believe were giving for all of us, and we could hold our heads high while presenting the end result.

Time for us to get back to working on the thesis

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