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Heidi is a part of the INDEX: Design to Improve Life Education – Academy! And we have now educated 135 teachers in Denmark in using tools from the three fields: Education, Process facilitation and Design. The education is for both educators in primary schools and high schools. You can read more about the education underneath and find a description of the program here!

We have more courses in fall 2013. You are welcome to write to Simone Søgaard Jacobsen and ask for more information.


Continuing Education

  • Do you want to teach highly structured creative and collaborative process with high output?
  • Do you want to engage your students in solving the challenges of society?
  • Do you want to activate global challenges as a learning resource in school and the talent in your classrooms as an idea and innovation resource in society?
  • Do you face motivation challenges among your students?
  • Do you need insight into engaging, cross subject, creative learning – engaging for you and your students?
  • Do you also struggle the challenges of planning group work for your students?


Maybe Design to Improve Life Education is for you?

On the basis of three years of co-development between INDEX: Design to Improve Life®, process facilitators, didactics and educators we now offer continuing education in Design to Improve Life for educators, designers and decision makers alike.
We offer five different programs, from a certified diploma program to summer schools and workshops. You find the different formats described below.
Our outset is, that if the world’s challenges are to be solved, they will not be solved by a few experts, but by entire populations! Therefore we teach students, teachers and decision makers to develop sustainable solutions to global challenges.

We educate by using real life challenges as learning resources and the talents our students as a resource in society. Design to Improve Life Education is our vision of holistic and creative teaching aiming to balance and integrate society’s need for competencies with the individual’s need for meaningful learning, while fostering innovation and entrepreneurial power. Our goal is to establish an active, solution-oriented and inclusive approach to the 21st century’s global education, society and challenges.

In educating we activate 10 years of knowledge about global challenges, thousands of cases from all over the world about Design to Improve Life, our large, international network and new engaging and thoroughly tested education methods and tools – all of which is available to our students.
When educated by us you gain entirely new tools and methodologies, that you can apply to your different subjects and courses. You learn to understand and use our basic tool – the digital Design to Improve Life Compass, which guides you and your students through the learning process; from identification of the challenge, to research, user understanding, focusing, developing and testing of prototypes, to the final presentation. The Compass covers four intense phases, twelve inspirational actions and a series of vivid and engaging techniques


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