We have been working a lot these few weeks since uni started. To be hones, we started working on this project long before uni asked us to. You see, Heidi and I have been talking about schools and education for about 2 years now. The interest arose when we worked together (with some others) on designing a school for an organization called Educat. Ever since we’ve been discussing educations methods and education facilities back and fort.

The goal with this project is not to make an awesome final project to put into our portfolios and cv’s, it’s to make this project into something we can continue working on, and with, when we graduate. Non of us really understand the point in just working our pretty little asses of for something that hardly will make a difference after graduation. We have big visions, we want to change the world into a better place.

How we are going to do this… don’t really know, but that is part of the fun.

So far we have prepared a letter for seeking fonds and grants, started a blog (you here), designed a logo (it’s one of these things i can’t help myself from doing. I just love design on every level), visited 4 schools, started a private little fb-group where we add interesting links and articles, talked with teachers and students we happen to know personally, held a little workshop for ourselves defining our visions and other things (see pics) and done a little workshop sketch for the student-workshops. There are probably some things i’ve forgotten, but no mater what, it will hopefully lead up to an awesome and interesting result.

……. I’m trying to upload some pics, but internet is trying my patience………..A day later…….Really trying my patience….


We work best when there is tea and fruit.Heidi enjoying the floor while starting on the vision-part of the days process


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