Once upon a time there was a giraffe called Oskar. He had a long, long neck, long long legs, a curly, twirly tail and purple fur with yellowish spots. He was very curious about the world and the world was curious about him.

One day Oskar decided that it was time for him to explore his neighbourhood; he started with the savannah outside of his parents’ house.

He wanted to learn how the other animals saw the world, and why they saw it the way they did. The first animal he wanted to know more about were the monkeys.  So Oskar went over the biggest tree he could find. He stopped right underneath it and shouted up towards the branches

“Helloooooo, monkeys…! Aaaare you theeére?”

All of a sudden the head of a small monkey popped down from in between the branches. The monkey was upside down, because monkeys can do that. The monkey looked at Oskar and said

“My name isn’t Monkey, it is Gullu”

Oskar looked up at Gullu and asked

“Can you please tell me how you see the world?”

“No” said Gullu

Oskar looked up at Gullu with a surprised, and somewhat wounded eyes

“Don’t look at me like that. You see, what I mean is, I can’t tell you. To truly understand how a monkey such as myself sees the world, you have to become a monkey!”

“But I’m not a monkey!” Oskar answered

“I know you’re not a monkey, but you can pretend that you are!” Gullu said while swinging around in her tail.

Oscar thought so hard he could hear his brain working.

“Ah” he thought, “Now I know what I will do”

First Oskar started backing up, away from the tree. Gullu watched him with a look of wonder and curiosity in her eyes. Then Oskar stopped, and stood still for a little while.

“What is he up to?” Gullu asked herself.

She didn’t have to wonder for very long, because all of a sudden Oskar started running as fast as he could towards the tree.

He had planned on jumping up as high up on the trunk as he could, but somewhere along the run he had forgotten his plan. He ended up running straight into the tree, smashing his stomach hard against the trunk.

“Oj, oj oj…” he shouted out “That didn’t work”

“Nope, it didn’t. That just means that you have to figure out another way to be a monkey.” Said Gullu

Oskar looked at Gullu and decided to give this monkey business another try. Once more he started thinking, but this time he was thinking so hard that even Gullu could see the sparks flying out from his horns.

“I got it!” Oskar shouted out so loud that all the animals at the savannah could hear him.

He slowly walked towards the tree, stretched out his neck as much as he could. Then he wrapped his neck around the biggest branch he could find. One time, two times, three times, but seven times. Now his neck was wrapped so well around the branch of the tree that he slowly could climb up the trunk.

Finally he was up there, next to Gullu, being a monkey. A very strange looking monkey but a monkey non the less. Oscar staid up in the tree with Gullu for a while. They talked about how it was being a monkey, seeing the world upside down from a tree.

“After a while you get use to it” Gullu said “When seeing it the other way feels like seeing the world up side down”

Oskar now felt he understood what it was being a monkey.

Hanging there, upside down in a tree, he noticed that the sun was going up in the horizon.

“How weird” he thought to himself “the sun is going up, but the ground is hiding it, and it is getting darker. That does not make any sense”

Then he remembered, “I’m up side down! The sun is not going up, it’s going down!”

It was getting late, the wind was getting stronger, and all of a sudden Oskar noticed that he was getting seasick. It was time for him to go back home before it got too dark.

He crawled back down, unwrapped his neck, and looked up at Gullu and said:

“Thank you Gullu, it was really interesting to be a monkey! Let’s do it again real soon”

Gullu looked back at him and smiled “Yes, it was really interesting. You are the strangest looking monkey I’ve ever seen! Can you teach me how to be a giraffe next time we meet?”

“Absolutely!” Oskar answered. Then he turned around and started to walk home. It was a bit hard walking, since that he had got used to see the world up side down…

What will Oskar learn tomorrow, and what animal will he be?


To be continued

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