So today I got a question from a dear friend in Copenhagen, I met her in Korea last summer, and right now she is an intern at INDEX: Some of you might have heard about INDEX: Design to improve life, but they have a great education project (I know cause I’ve working on it sometimes ;) But this friend of mine asked me what our criteria at MoHo are…

And I replied – first of all that I find it a really good question, and started to reflect upon it as I wrote my answer back. The MoHo project also have an educational potential but for now we focus on developing the learning environments together with the users so that the physical frames are entwined with the pedagogic at the specific school/or learning center (that’s one very important criteria). In oder to develop these environments we need to spread the knowledge about spaces and what kind of effect they have.

When we work with designing processes for involving the students, teachers. leaders, educator or others, we take a starting point in their needs and existing environments, to build up an understanding around learning environments.

Before we start designing the process it is needed that we now what kind of resources that are available in the project and what the timeframe looks like. After this we begin to form a sequence/process that are proportional with the time and resources.

Since we work with more aspects, both the way for the architects and designers to involve and co-create with the users (especially the kids) and how to facilitate the kids during their progress of the design process we have different strategies depending on which level we work on.
When we work with the kids we have different methods to make sure that there are progress as we go. But as we now work with a focus on the learning environments, the sequence in structured around this subject. As we go – we ensure that they are giving competences so that they can enter in the process/project and furthermore that they also are given obstacles that can challenge their solutions.

We are about to develop a third part of our project, the link between process (inputs) and the architecture. And right now we are trying our own medicine (That’s a saying in Danish, I’m not sure wether it make sense for you guys, but I hope so…) So in a month or so we should know a lot more about how this is (trans)formed more generally.

Just like I wrote to my friend I’ll tell you the same. Please feel free to ask me/us more questions, I believe it’s good for our project ;)


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