We are working on a section in our research where we would like to interview people who have worked in different way for or/and with kids and students, and people who have come up with creative ways to collaborate with kids and students.

So far our list looks as such

  • 826 Valencia – 826valencia.org
  • Baupiloten Architects – www.baupiloten.com
  • Charles Leadbeater – www.charlesleadbeater.net
  • Diana Laufenberg – laufenberg.wordpress.com
  • Emiliy Pilloton – www.projecthdesign.org
  • Geoff Mulgann – studioschoolstrust.org
  • Kiran Bir Sethi – www.dfcworld.com
  • Prakash Nair – www.fieldingnair.com
  • Stephan Gustin – www.gustin.dk
  • Sugata Mitra – www.hole-in-the-wall.com
  • Ulla Kjærvang – www.kjaervang.dk
If you are a TEDaholic such as myself (Moa) then you will probably recognize some of these names, if not, then I strongly suggest you become one (a TEDaholic) asap!

We have probably forgotten some people, not know about others, and some we are simply a bit too shy to ask (we are working hard on overcoming this ridicules nonsense), so if you happen to read this list and someone in particular comes into your mind that you think should be it, don’t hesitate to send us their name. All suggestions are more then welcome!

One of the people I'm to shy to ask

Sir Ken Robinson

Here is one of the people I’m simply too shy to ask for an interview. Not only because he is somewhat of a guru in the world of education, but it feels like he would talk me under the table within two sentences… I would loose my tung and end up sounding like shy little schoolgirl “eeeeehmmmm, yes, and eeeeeemh, so you, eeeemh, eeeeeee, Hi!”

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