The school works as a course-school, where they through out a year take in 3 teams of between 10-12 students between 4-6th grade, 6-7 grade and 7-8 grade for a 10 week course in how to find their own personal learning style. The students attending Plan B Skolen are directed to them from different schools in Vejle municipality. These are students who don’t fit in to an ordinary school. Perhaps they have problems concentrating, they fall asleep if they sit still, or they have to move and interact with the subject as to be able to truly understand it. Plan B is a space where they learn that it is ok to not fit into to normal structure. If you learn best standing bent over a desk in a dark corner of a room, or use the  chair in a different way, or need music to focus, it is ok.

The teachers are there to guide them, to encourage them and to help them find the joy in learning once more, to re-build the belief in themselves.

But it’s not only the students who need help to learn how to learn, the teachers at Plan B also hold courses for the parents and the teachers at the students original school, informing them of how the different students learn, and how they in the best way possible can help the students on a day to day basis.

The school is built up in such a way that there are many different sort of spaces for the students to try out. You have the living room, where the students and teachers gather through out the day to go through the exercises. In the living room you find a long table with ordinary chairs on wheels, a sofa, some desks spread along the sides and an interactive white board. You can easily call this “The Base” or “The Heart” of this school.


Then you have all the other spaces, the balconies, one with 2 desks and another with an armchair, a desk and 2 fat boys. The one with the two desks is to be found above the larger part of the library, it’s high to the ceiling and the light is rather bright. The second one is located over another part of the library, where the ceiling is much lower, the light less bright and you can see the sky straight above you through the roof-windows. The two balconies are very different and thus used in very different manners, not only depending on subject but depending on student. Some of them prefer the lighter balcony while working on tasks where they have to sit down by a desk, otters prefer it for reading. The darker one seems popular both for “active math” and reading.

Other then that you have the “Hall Way” where you find two more sofas, a fat boy, an interactive white board and 3 desks. This space is rather light, and used for working two and two, just chilling, listening to audiobooks, playing and and reading.

Then we have the “Sky Room”. To get there you have to cross a bridge that runs over the circular room of the library. In here you find a table perfect for group work and an armchair. This room most of all seems popular due to the adventure in getting there. While crossing the bridge the students seem to feel like they are walking into another universe.

This school shows us how important it is to understand that no one student is the same, and why the rules after which most schools are designed do not work in todays society.

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