1) How did you at first get involved with designing for children/students?

I am an Architect beside this I am a social worker too. My country BANGLADESH is an under-developing country, and I believe that to be able to solve the nations problems we need a strong educated and a skilled population.

Therefore, I started to teach poor and needy people, mostly street and slum children in my Metro City, Dhaka . Dhaka is the Capital City of Bangladesh. In the year 2001 when I was only in year 11 in school I started this working on this.

So ,in a sentence I got involved in this work from the LOVE of my country Bangladesh and its people.


2) How do you involve children in a design process?

It’s easy to involve them seeing that children between 3-12 years of age mostly believe in work what they visualize. Mostly alphabet and writings are more boring and not understandable. So, Art and Design work is more acceptable to them.


3) Before starting on a project, how do you plan the process?

Usually I try to understand what is my goal! And where i want my children to go. Keeping my thoughts secret i ask my children what they want about proposal subject, what is their desire and how they want to make it successful. The whole process goes like children are planning and they are working on their own plan, in my guidance, with the merits demerit suggestion of mine.


4) When working with the users, how does it influence the process?

Though my planning process proposed by the children with my opinion. So , I can say , it influence them a lot to work on it. Cause they can own the work by giving PLAN n Ideas.


5) What is your optimal result when designing?

My optimal result is when children/ users work with happiness, find joy in it, and give 100% to make it successful.


6) How do you plan the process to comply the aim?

1stly and most important thing is ‘Appreciation’. By appreciation the work goes faster and easier. 2ndly monitoring and working with them on their own plan. Indirectly mine.


7) Do you try to create a sense of ownership for the users? If Yes: How? If No: Why not?

Yes, i think i have already answered it!


8) If you ever feel like you get stuck during a project, or in a process, where do you turn? (colleagues, inspiration from the internet, internet communities, friends, experts etc)

If, then yes, I keep looking for every mentioning TURNS.


9) If you have worked with children/students and/or teachers how did they take part in the process?

Ummmmmmm ……… what should I say now


“We have found that, just as Sir Ken Robins argues in his famous talks about the education paradigm, kids are being taught out of creativity.”


10) So when you work with people who you feel have unlearned their imagination, how do you go about re-opening that side of them?

Pardon me my friend, its 1st time i hear about Sir Ken Robins, but 85% i do agree with him.

Art is such a language that anyone can understand. On the other hand alphabets are boring in comparison. Art and design is easy to remember then alphabets. Therefore, if someone goes only with BOOKS with no connectivity with the society and only the dream of capitalism then the person may make him or herself lack of imagination power.

When person think education is only a process of earning money, we can understand he just goes with LOGIC. Though he doesn’t practice of emotion, he will find himself out of creativity. Obviously i am talking about ordinary mass people, not any special case.

To re-open that side, we should bring them out of artificial barriers (any kind of technology), and make them to go with the best design, best Creation of the world ………….. Human Being.


11) When working with projects that concern a big part of the community, how do you get them involved?

As i said before my friend, I involved them as a Planner but the master plan already designed in my mind to guide them.


12) Please tell us about one (or more) methods of your personal favorites, when it comes to opening up the process and creating new ideas?

Again, as I wrote before, I convince the users to involve in the PLAN and thus anyone can get new and unique ideas.


13) Please tell us about a good experience while working in collaboration with users.

Once I was working for a TV show, which was on our Liberation WAR. I was the scriptwriter also the director. Before shooting, i arranged a meeting with 10 kids. My goal was to inform young generation about our glory of Liberation war thru the show.

I was just discussing with those children, how to do questions to our living freedom fighter. Suddenly a kid asked me what is liberation? I was just surprised! Cause in my script writing there was no question like that even I never thought about it, cause for me its simple and ordinary, for them that’s so important. That time i realized I wrote the script from my point of view. Immediately I asked them to raise more questions to me, so that I can put that in the script. And I got a lot of questions, which I never thought could be questions!


14) What does that mean to you?

Working this kind of work, to raise civic responsibility is my PASSION. My SOUL ……

I can’t go any single moment without thinking for HUMAN BEING, for PEACE ……….



For more information about Maksuds organization go to http://www.facebook.com/groups/shapath/


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