One of the lovely things with doing research is that there seems to be no end to information and inspiration when it comes to interesting school and education project.

One of the problems is that there seems to be no end to information and inspiration when it comes to interesting school and education project.

We’ve been working on this project for several month now, and we just can’t get enough. Each day we send new links to one another, links regarding multi billion education projects in Australia to non profit projects such as Arkitreks kindergarten in Malaysia. Thankfully we have the internet.

When everything started I decide to send out a shout out on one of LinkedIns group paged, Architecture for Humanity to be precise. I asked for help in finding inspiring and interesting school/education projects. Mails are still dropping into my mailbox telling me that there’s a new comment. Most of the links we receive talk about projects we’ve never heard of, others are more familiar.

A few weeks back we also posted a request for help when it comes to finding architects, designer, teachers and “others” who in one way or another have/is working with kids or education facilities. Once more the response from around the globe has been amazing. Other then the questions we have asked a selected number of people if they are up for being interviewed via Skype. Most of them have said Yes (yeyy) right away, others have said Yes, but said that it has to wait til after Christmas. Understandable, this is one of the most hectic periods of the year. Teachers are prepping for final exams, and architects and designers are trying to get as many projects as possible finished before the holidays. There are some who have said No. Dissapointing, Yes, but what can we do.

Seeing how our schedule is looking at the moment, we might have gotten into trouble if everyone had said Yes…

If you are curios to see some of the things we have found, you are more then welcome to ask to get “added” to The Misfits at http://www.facebook.com/groups/146154088806022/

[Sure, i like the band The Misfits, and have followed Glenn Danzig ever since i heard Mother for the very first time: BUT it's not a fan page. We chose to call ourselves The Misfits before we came up with MoHo. You see, when we started this semester we felt like Misfits. There wasn't really any institute where we fit in seeing that we are working with user driven innovation and co-creation more then designing something that we already in the beginning of the semester can say "We are designing a chair" or "We are designing an train station". After some hassle the wonderful teachers at Design took us under their wings, and I hope and think that they are as happy about their decision as we are.]

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