When they students first arrive they got to see a play that some of the crew and teachers had to put together for them. It was a good start f the morning and a great way to show what was expected of them throughout the day.

After that we a gathered in the main hall for about of fun and games while dividing them into 4 teams.
• Tarzan • Harry Potter • Pippi Longstocking • Space Travel 2040
This lead to each team containing 20 students. 20 students is still quite a lot of kids to handle, so from that we subdivided them into teams of 10.

Now the workshop begins for real, not that it wasn’t’ before, but now more of the design methods are implemented.

8 different stations are set up so that watch team during a period of 7 minutes got a quick, very quick, introduction to different design processes, got to make a dance and a flag suitable with their theme and to think on their feet. It was truly 8 very quick and dirty crash courses. We were a bit concerned with how it would go for them, but they quickly got a hang of it so it worked well. We did something similar (but on a way smaller scale) with the students at Plan B, but those students hand en entire 15 minutes for each crash course.

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