The day after the final presentation it felt a bit like our brains had bee fried with information and inputs. During the morning we did the fastest summery in all of MoHo’s history, after which we decided that everything we did the rest of the day was to take place outside in the sun. It started out well, sitting on a bench in one of our schools many backyards writing down the coming weeks ToDo list. After that we continued the outside activities buy having lunch in the garden behind my dorm, after which it was time for some dessert on a bench in the sun by the river in the center of town, which in it’s turn was followed by picnic in the student park where the yearly tradition of the student regatta was taking place (this we figured out was the cultural input of the day).

Friday Heidi was away to some sort of family festivity while i stayed at home chilling in my back with a book.

Saturday we felt like we had been lacy for way too long, so we decided to take part of the Guerrilla gardening that was taking place in the center of Aarhus throughout the day.



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