By designing the first process design we needed to decide our focus.


The process takes a starting point in a co-creating design process with the children. It’s a part of a longer process we will continue to work on in the spring 2012 when we do our final thesis.


The process for the fall/winter will be running until January 2012 of which we will facilitate four workshops in a period of five – six weeks. The overall purpose is to take the kids experience of existing spaces that already work during different classes and in collaboration transform these inputs to design concepts for the learning environment.

In the first workshop “Presentation” the kids record as showing and sharing ‘their’ different spaces – it could be the best place to study alone, the best place to do team work or the best place to get inspired. Hereafter the students will build one or two places in model and present why this is their best space to do…


In the second workshop “test” we (MoHo) will take starting point in an everyday learning situation and adjust a bit on the settings for the teaching / learning situation. Later we will have a talk with the students about how this was different – what worked and what didn’t?


The third workshop “design” is all about dreaming and inventing the best new settings for educational purpose for e.g. when the students have math, ordinary class participation, team work, interdisciplinary studies etc.

This we will do by brainstorm sessions and subsequent build these ideas in model and present the work for the whole class.


After the third workshop we and hopefully a couple of students will work on a concept design – and this we will present for the students on workshop four “sharing”. This is where the students then will change the concept design – add on – adjust – … and once again make it theirs.


And the experiences we will get from these four workshops are to be extended and developed further for the process in spring 2012.


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