The outcome of the last three-month work created – the MoHo Process Kit for designing with co-creation.

Last Tuesday Moa and I presented our project for our 9th semester on Platform Design at the School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark. In the light of all our experience and knowledge working with students from a user-driven perspective, we have designed a kit that guides you designing a process, whether it is to involve students as sparring partner or co-designer.

In the MoHo Process Kit you will find a guide of how to design a co-creation process with ideas of which methods to use during the different phases. You will as well find examples of programs and scripts and some different probes, which you can use in the actual process with the students. The kit is designed as we aim for creating better schools that fits the needs for the modern – today and tomorrow – students, teachers and the local surroundings.

As we continue to work on our final thesis we’ll work even more on the kit as our partners and we test it in new projects.

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