It truly has been The Week to Meet, and what a great productive week it has been.

Monday and tuesday was spent preparing for the wednesdays meetings, and for me, Moa, to get my brain back onto my shoulders after a 4 day migraine. Early wednesday morning we headed of to the city of Vejle for an 8.30 meeting with the teachers of Plan B Skolen (The Plan B School). After talking for several hours about everything from “How to reading the students signals when it comes to attention span” to “Teaching parents that there are different ways of learning” to “The importunes of green spaces both outside AND inside”, and being shown around the school and recognizing that we, the teachers and the MoHo’s, click.

After showing them our drawing of the workshop plan, we went on to discussing such important things as getting signatures from the parents as to be allowed to document the process. That was an important lesson we learned after encountering some problems while documenting the schools in Sweden – No pictures without the consent of the parents –  So now we have 5 dates set for us to come and work with the students. It feels so good to finally get some result after all the hard ground work that we have put into the project since the beginning of the semester. Now we are truly looking forward to meeting all the students.


The 2nd meeting of the day started at 1 with Lars from Kids n’ Tweens, over at Spinderihallerne in another part of town. That gave us a well needed walk in the fresh air and a chance for us to talk about the meeting that had just been and the one we were walking toward. Kids n’ Tweens are arranging a workshop together with SIS, about 80 students from a school in Vejle, and some others (most admit that i can’t remember all the names atm)

You can say that the meeting with Lars consisted of 3 parts.

  • 1. Meeting over at Spinderihallerne, hearing more about the project, telling him more about us and seeing the location.
  • 2. In the car on our way back to Århus. Talking about our backgrounds and listening to all the big, crazy and wonderful projects and plans Lars have been or is working on at the moment
  • 3. Talking more seriously and intense about the workshop healed at Spinderihallerne the 5th of january, how we can structure it, and what parts we are all going to play.
During the 3rd part of the meeting we booked some more dates in the calendar and set out some more of the frames for the project. At around 4 it was time for Lars to run of to his final meeting and for us sum up the Lars meeting and design an example of a workshop process that we could talk about with Rune during the thursday visit to St Knuds Skole in Århus.
Thursday started off with arriving at St Knuds Skole just in time to hear and see many of the kids chasing one another around and then run to their classrooms. We walked up to the teachers lounge  where we were greeted by Rune and Annette, the two teachers responsible for a class of 13 1st graders. Annette was the one leading the class that day, so Rune took it upon his shoulders to show us around and talky things through when it comes to what we have done, what we are doing and what we want to do. When we showed him the drawing of the 2 days workshop we had planed for his class he got very excited, and worried. He was not as much worried about how the kids would react to the workshops seeing that it is mostly about exploring and building thing, but about our expectations on “his” kids and the output we are looking for. We had reassured him that our 2 main goals with all of the workshops are that we learn what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to the layout of the workshop, and to get more of an insight into how the students actually feel they learn best, what sort of environments they prefer depending on if they are working for example in groups. He seemed rather relived when he heard that. We were also introduced to the class who were just in the en of a “hanging man” session. They were learning how to spell difficult words such as “Gynge” (Swing). Seeing that my name is Moa (pronounced in the same way as the danish word for mother MOR), and that I’m swedish, the kids had a bit of a hard time understanding my name. Anette was nice enough to not to a “having man” of me…
After our introduction it was time for the students to introduce them selves, and write their names with colorful color pencils. They are so sweet, and full of energy, that once more we can’t wait to get started and learn their point of view when it comes to their own school.
Hope on getting a hold of a good video camera in time for the 1st workshop

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