Today there’s been many things going on. They decided to have a traditional brainstorm for the once in the class who yet haven’t decided what they want to work on. We were curious to find out what they were up to, so we decided to take part of it, but we probably would have chosen not to if we would have know it was going to take the entire morning.

After lunch we went and talked with one of the mentors connected to our institute, Tine Holm. A very interesting and energetic woman with curly blond hair. – Here I most add that I spent last semester as an exchange student at Politecnico Bovisa in Milan, and i still find it interesting studying just how blond scandinavians truly are. I can’t get over the fact that so many of us are blond, and that what we would call a “dark haired” scandinavian is called “light brown” or even “blond” down there. And upon that most of us do have a light eye color – She said she didn’t have much time, but she got so dragged into our project that we continued talking for about 30 minutes and during this time she grabbed a hold of one thing after another that she “just had to show us”. It felt nice to get so many inputs and so much interesting feedback from an outside source who heard about our project for the very first time.

We already had a list with things we wanted to get done today: re-write the project plan, make a timeline, re-write and design the application letters, send some e-mails, study some new schools.

Most of the things on the list have been “checked” off (^-^) But i can only showcase the timeline seeing that the rest isn’t very graphic.

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