So, now we have had our well deserved vacation after the BIG exam.

Have to add that we graduated with flying colors and got a grant from VOLA – Thank you VOLA! – , after which we spent 1 week canoeing on a lake in the northern part of Norway, and picked up and moved our lives from Aarhus to Copenhagen.

Today we are about to have our 3rd meeting with Copenhagens Open Gymnasium [Københavns Åbne Gymnasium] where we – leaders, teachers and us MoHo’s – are planning a process for the new extension planned for 1215.

Seeing that we never seem to work with the same sort of project twice – just the way we like it – this time we are going to work with the students in one class in such a way that they can facilitate a workshop with students from other classes, and we facilitate a group of about 8 teachers as to find out what it is they need in the new building.

As i wrote before, we’ve never worked in this way before, which is why we find it so extremely interesting to start thinking in a way that makes it comprehensive as possible for the students when we introduce the different factors needed for a good workshop. We drew down the big plan for last fridays meeting, and worked on a more detailed plan for the first workshop the 5th of september.

Other then that we are about to draw out a workshop-plan for a potential 24 hour workshop with students from the Ørestads Gymnasium where they will design and build the new spaces they are about to enter as soon as possible. What is interesting with this is not only the task of figuring out how to get a good result in so few hours – it might say 24 hors, but unfortunately they will have to sleep and eat and have breaks and other time consuming endeavors – but how to give them to insight and understanding of how to facilitate and how to plan a process.

Time to get ready for the meeting



Listening to the album ‘Home is in my head’ by Jackie Lomax

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