This morning I was lucky enough the be given a tour of one ofthe most talked about schools in the world at thismoment moment.

For hose of you who are working with schools and/or education the name Vittra Skolan might ring a bell. If not, check it out, they have a very interesting way of thinking that has spread schooner school into an organisation and movement.

After talking to the headmaster, Jannie,  a few days back, she suggested that I arrived during the morning rush around 8.20, as to be able to see the transformation from full rush to calmness.

Seeing that I’m staying at my parents pswede during my visits to Sweden, and because of a very unpredictable train system (even more so now during the snow period) I decided to take an earlier train.This turned out to be a wise choice seeing that a trip that in ordinary case take 30 minutes this morning took 50.  At 8.05-ish I stepped through the door, but on the ble shoe covers and had just stepped up the stairs when i started looking around at the school I’ve only read about and seen pictures of.

I didn’t have time to loose myself in the building before Jannie saw me wandering in towards what felt like the centre of the school. She introduced me to some of the staff and started the tour.

One of the things that truly struck me was that the atmosphere in the school was so inviting and relatively calm. The kids were talking, walking, crawling and playing hide and seek, but to my surprise was the sound level not even close to as high as one can expect from a school that hardly has any walls (that goes up to the ceiling) except the 4that surrounds them.

Many of the students were sitting around working or playing on their computers, while others were chilling and talking on or in  one of the many sitting areas, and 3 of the students were sitting in the tree constellation playing guitar.

After seeing the ground floor I was shown the basement quarters. There, in the far end of the underground floor you will find what will become the fairy-tail work shed of the swedish saga of Petsson and Findus. This is an area that the architects left undesigned for the students and teachers to transform together. This is a way of thinking that I think more and more architects should take to heart.

While walking around in the school I took the opportunity to ask some questions about the process of designing and building this school. To my great joy I learned that both teachers and students have been involved in of the process, and that many of the solutions comes as a direct result from some of their inputs.

This is the kind of projects that Heidi and I would be proud to be a part of, and I hope that we will be in a near future!

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