Location: Heidis apartment, Aarhus, Denmark

Musik: “Zaz” and “Chambao”


For the first time in almost a year we can feel that we are getting worn out. Facilitating the workshops are normally harder, but while working with people and see them develop, it gives you so much energy back that you don’t need sleep in the same way.

Right now we are working on the poster for our very last critic at Aarhus School of Architecture. At the same time as it feels amazing to soon be done. I believe we will miss it quite a bit. You see, this year has been amazing to say the least. I believe i write for both of us when i write that it has been THE best year at the architecture school by far.

Finally being able to work on a project that we believe in and that we feel is making a difference not only for us but for everyone who’s involved. The response we recieve from our surrounding gives us oh so much energy to continue on the path we are on. We decided a few month back to continue working together and with who ever wants to join. So, MoHo will soon become a legith business, and we will be up for hire.

It’s a wonderful feeling to know that we will be able to continue working on things that we absolutely <3

Now it is time for us to focus on finishing the poster


Below you find some pics taken during june

We do our best to not only work on the computer, but use walls and floors as well. Every surface is our homes and at the uni are being put into use ;)


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