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Lately us girls in MoHo have been up to a various things. Heidi have spent some time in China working with INDEX: Design to Improve Life Education, while Moa have been a part of the renovation/remodeling crew of our new office space in the KPH office hotel next to Enghave Station. The room that we will be a part of we will be sharing with 6 others – 2 architects working with the more or less the same basic ground principals, 1 kaos pilot working with social projects, 1 artist and product designer, and 2 whom we still have to meet.

One of the reasons why we chose this space over the others we have been looking at is that we felt like we could have a say in the space itself seeing that they are going through not only remodeling of the space, but what seems to be a remodeling of the entire organization. We also got to know our future roomies, which as always is a big plus.

Other then that we’ve been working on putting together a fond application for our latest project – a book about educations role in our future society.

It’s as always interesting to see what we can come up with, how we can put it together and how we can develop it further.

The Monday meeting in Middlefart we are going to attend will most likely be conducted with a rather jetlagged Heidi, seeing that she will be returning to her mother country Sunday evening.

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