Now a few days has passed since the big day took place. We have had time to reflect and contemplate over what happened throughout the day and all in all it feels good.

As usual we arrived a day early as to make sure that everything was in order, but what was unusual this time around was that we had to go directly to the school and finish some of the things that had not been finished last time we were there. The back on the Rocking Chair still needed some work, the Reading Tree needed to be checked, and leaf-cushions needed to be filled with fat-boy-filling and sew them shut.

When the BIG day finally arrived the air was buzzing with anticipation, not only the students we’ve been working with were up in gear, but the entire school felt different. The teachers (Mette and Ida) told us that their colleagues had been asking about todays event quite a bit, wanting to get as much information of of them as possible.

Before the first presentation, the one for the school and the future classmates from Ørum school, there were some hiccups with one of the teams. Non of the students in the Tavle-Swing team wanted to present. No mater how we tried to twist and turn the situation to come up with a solution we could come up with one that involved only the team members. When we were so close to the start of the presentations we had to ask two of the students from the Rocking Chair if they could step up to the plate and do the presentation instead of the original team. It wasn’t the solution we were hoping for, but it worked, and the students who took over (Rasmus and Silke) decided to do so for the better of the projects as a whole. (Rasmus and Silke,if you are reading this: Big big THANK YOU! You are awesome!)

When everything was up and running, the presentations went well. The students kicked some serious ass throughout their presentations. Students between the 1st-4th grade were oh so fascinated by what the big 6th graders had managed to accomplished and were full with questions about everything from construction, to use, to color choices, to future developments.

When the three projects had been presented to everyone it was time for our 6th graders to have a long well deserved lunch break, and for us to sit down and have a lunch meeting with Søren from SiS Functional Furniture.

In the evening it was time for the students to present their work to their families. This went well. The students from the Tavle-Swing got their act together and presented it by themselves, the Reading-Tree team were awesome, and the Rocking Chair team rocked heavy metal style. Standing there, listening and seeing the students do their thing made us feel so proud. Even now, when i’m sitting here, next to my desk in the studio i can’t stop smiling just thinking about it. After the presentations were done we had space to just walk around, talk to parents and other family members.

We had brought along the sketch model we built during the weekend and had put it up on a table for everyone to see. Whenever anyone wanted to know more, we talked a bit about our thought for the re-design, and did our best to find out what they thought about what we are up to. Thankfully the response to both the re-design project, and the projects we have been working on with the kids are really good. Several parents came up to us telling us that their kids came home and talked about what they were up to in school in  a way that they normally didn’t do during their regular days. And a mother who, during the parents workshop that we healed in the beginning of the project, told us that her son had come home and said that he had just had the best day he had ever experienced in school had continue to love the days we were there.

This is why we do what we do, and this is why we want to continue doing what we are doing!

Half an hour before the parents were being swept away by the teachers for a parent-meeting we asked them to sit down around the tables. When seated we introduced them to the Morf-exercise and gave them 15 minutes to build something. It went a bit slow in the beginning, but after a minute or so they were well into it and morfed away like crazy. The energy in the room was on an all time high and the collaboration between kids and grownups went well. They had themselves teamed up as they pleased which ended up with kid+kid-teams, kid+their parent-teams, kid+someone else’s parent-teams and grownup+grownup-teams. Very interesting constellations which ended up in some truly awesome results. (photos will be added later. My phoned died before i could take any pictures)

When the parent meeting was over and done it was time to say goodbye, this ended up being way more emotional then we had counted with. Hugs upon hugs upon group hugs, upon re-hugs, upon re-re hugs. let’s put it like this: We wanted to put them in our pockets and take them with us home!

Can’t wait to go back and see them in the end of the month ;)  Lot’s of love to our trolls <3

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