The second workshop started of at 8.35 with the entire class. Here we talked a bit about the day before and gave them a short introduction to the different projects and were divided into the groups that they are going to be in for the rest of the semester.

After this the MoHo Design team headed off to, what at the moment is called, the Group Room. We really should change it into something more suitable (read: Cooler).

Here we introduced the different workshops by drawing up all 10 of them on the blackboard and telling while telling the students the individual steps. This was done as to give them more of an understanding of what the semester will look like to some extent and give them a chance to understand how we think and what we hope on achieving by working with them.

Then we had our first Check-In. It was interesting to see how the different students reacted to this, some had no problem taking that step into the ring telling all of us what they were expecting with this project while others stood in the outer ring until the very end. One even refused to participate and stormed out. The situation with the student who stormed out would later on that day turn out to develop into something rather interesting and unexpected.

Minus one student we asked them to work in two pairs and two groups of three walking around the school taking pictures of different places where they like to work in groups, work alone, get inspired, relax, hang out with friends and where they like to read. After this they were asked to choose their favorite pictures so that we could print it. This all went quicker then expected, which gave us the chance to sit and talk with them a bit extra when they were asked to reflect over the places they had chosen. As we noticed during the workshop the day before during the “Have You Noticed…” exercise the students have a hard time figuring out why they are draw to a particular space or piece of furniture, so this extra time was just what we needed to be able to help them to dig deeper into their own minds. After they had been thinking and writing for about 15 minutes it was time for a break. To both our surprise one of the students chose to skip the break so that she could continue reflecting over her pictures together with Heidi. It seemed like the more she got into the reflective state of mind, the deeper she wanted to dig.

When all the students had were gathered after the break we asked them to build a quick model of one of the pictures. All of them, and I truly mean all of them, chose to build one of the schools two sofas. The kitchen sponges was on high demand, specially the purple ones. When we saw the ingénues solution to how to “sew” two sponges together that was developed by one of the students we were truly impressed. First he made a hole in the sponge with a scissor, after which he entered a wire into a straw, the straw into the sponge and then pulled away the straw so that the only thing remaining inside the sponge was the wire. The reason he did it this way was because the wire was to fragile to pull through the sponge. Very, very impressive thinking. Don’t think a lot of people have a brain wired in that way.

After their first encounter with the quick-and-dirty model-building concept it was time for lunch.

During lunch Alina, Heidi and I met up with the teacher in the teachers lounge were we spoke about the day and how it had been going so far.

Here it was interesting to hear bout Alinas students who were so into the project they were working on that they asked her to leave them alone when she asked if they needed a break. Let’s hope it continues in the same manner!

When lunch was eaten and we were all back with our teams the students were asked to build a final model, though this time they were not allowed to build a sofa… Instead they built some really good corners, the football field and some other locations.

After building we cleaned up the place and sat down for our first real presentation with post-it gifts.

Seeing that it was the students first time doing it this way it took quite some time, it actually took so long that we were 5 minutes late to our presentation and introduction to the website and blog set up for the project.

Back to the presentation of the models: It went well, some of the students had, as expected, a hard time reflecting over what they just saw. But it is getting easier for them, and by the time we are done with them we hope that all of them will be able to ask both themselves and others the questions “Why?”, “How?” and “How come?”. The students truly appreciated that one of their fellow students had given her model a name. It was called Yellow Cheese Road and was a yellow version of the ramp in the entrance. Kind of cool, isn’t it..!

I told you earlier about the girl who stormed out of the classroom, well, during the first quick and dirty session she went up to Heidi and started talking about what had happened earlier. You see, she had been thinking about it and now she wanted to let us know why she had reacted the way she had. When she felt like she was put under pressure her mind and her body didn’t work together, which made her confused, which in it’s turn made her panic, which in it’s turn made her angry at herself for not being able to control her feelings. That is why she stormed out. Now when she had been thinking about it we hope that she can start working on uniting her body and her brain so that she can start controlling all the emotions storming around in her body.

Once more we had a good workshop and once more the kids seemed really happy about their day. We even got hugs from the kids in the Alinas team ;)

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