So how did the round go with Shyness? Well… she literally jump over the floor to stand next to me and grabbed my arm when we said that it was time for the Check-in. One more round went to MoHo ;) It’s these things that might seem small to an outsider that feels huge for us, and probably bigger yet for the student who refused to be in the same room as us when we did the Check-in just a few days ago.

This morning we introduced them to a game we came up with while we were putting together the program for the workshop. The game looks as such: The students are asked to choose one of the ideas that they came up with during crazy-circles and morf it with one of the cards from the morf-deck. This time around they are allowed to choose whatever card they like. After this they are asked to build a quick model, just as in the morf exercise, but this time it’s not enough with just building a model, they also have to decide what sort of thing it is they are building. Is it made for being alone or being a crowed, is it made for being calm or for a running around? Once they have answered that they put it down on the ground, on the axels we have taped to the floor, showing these options. The wilder they are, the more to the right they put it, the more people were supposed to use it, the higher they put it. When this was done, when they had built models of what they found to be the best ideas from yesterday, the floor was crowded with models in, almost, every part of the graph.


When the models all were on the ground it was time for a quick break and some fresh air, and as usual some of the students staid as to continue building on their models.

After the break we gave them some pitch cards, one for each model, and asked them to fill them in as good as they could. We explained the purpose with a pitch and the value of a good pitch for their projects. Of course this was easier said then done, writing a pitch is hard for most, but you have to start somewhere, and they started here. Like always we roamed around the room seeing if anyone was looking for any help, but they were so concentrated on their task some of them even asked us to go away and leave them alone. That felt great!

Right before the break we had a cleanup as usual. By now we didn’t even have to ask, they know the deal, no break before the room looks inviting.


Lunch came and went as quick as ever. Right when we started to get worried that Søren was going to be late, I remembered that I had left my phone in the classroom. 2 missed calls – Søren was outside wondering where to meet us.

Now when the students entered the classroom there was a nerves and exciting buzz in the air. The tall man leaning against the teachers desk: Who is he? What was his name again? Is he really as important as you girls said? Do you think he will like what we did? The silent questions just kept on coming until we asked everyone to sit down wherever they felt confortable. We introduced Søren to the stundets, and the stundents to Søren. After that we let them one by one step onto the grid and tell Søren about their model and why they thought it would be a good idea to have at the school. Søren asked them questions and was very honest in his response towards the studnets. A lot of work needs to be done to make these models into reality, and even then it’s not certain that SIS is interested in making a prototype of them. They have to be very special to get that far. Some of the ideas were better then others, and these ones were encouraged to looked and worked on closer.

Søren mesmerized the students, not only because he spoke with them very openly but also because of the way he answered their questions and told them about his profession. He showed them how things were put together and told them about the history of SIS and school furniture in general. Most of them were quiet, others had lost their concentration but did their best trying to hold it together. (When at IKEA I bought some small elks – go Sweden – for the energetic students. It helped the students at Plan B to concentrate, let’s hope it does the same with our students…)

After everyone had showed and talked about their models, and Søren had given them inputs on enhancements etc it was time for our regular check-out. But this time it was a bit different, this time everyone was given 3 pieces of green paper, paper they were asked to put next to, or inside of, their three favorite ideas and explain why it was their favorite. This gave the students a chance to show us what they liked without thinking about where the different leaders of the class had put their green papers. By the end of it all we had 5 clear “winners” amongst the ideas. The Tree, The Blackboard Room, The Blackboard Cave, The Purple Chair and the Small Round Cave. Five ideas that we during the beginning of the coming workshop are going to try to cut down to three.

We don’t know how much Søren got out of this, but we do know that the students are excited about the project and are looking forward to start making the ideas become reality, and so do we



Cool little fellow

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