The goal of the day was to go from the original 5 concepts, developed during the previous workshops, to 3. Where after the students were asked to build teams and start building 1:1 scale models.


The three projects that they students felt most passionate about were

-       The Cave

-       The Rocking Chair

-       The Tree


Seeing that “The Tree” was one of the chosen ones, it was a bit hard to build it in a big scale out of carton at once, so we guided the students through building smaller models, explaining that if you can figure out how to do it in a smaller scale, you will not be able to build it big. While doing this we told them stories about how our teachers, at different design schools, asked us build buckets, literally buckets, of models before settling on the one that we wanted to continue on, and that I (Moa) have worked as a model builder at different architecture offices from the age of 20. This worked, they understood that if you wanted to build something big, you couldn’t just wing it, you needed a plan. By the end of the day there were both small models on the table and big scotch-tape model outlines on the wall. For I while I was on the wall as well. Apparently the tree needed a companion during lunch hour…

While developing “The Cave” the students went from a closed structure to a more open and flexible one. This was decided on while evaluating different parameters they set up, such as User Friendliness, Movability, Flexibility and 3-days-to-built it. By the end of the day they had a nice big model to show for it.

The Rocking Chair was also developed further. The measurements and the most important features were decided on, and later built by a team of 4. This team worked rather dynamic, the boy cut most of the cardboard, and while 2 of the girls were sewing the cushions, the 3rd girl needed to go home after lunch. The model they presented by the end of the day was mighty popular.

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