Today they had until lunch to figure out how to integrate what Shift-P have learnt throughout the their time with Alina with the pieces developed by the Design-team.

This was done by splitting them up into 3 teams with one of us (Alina, Heidi and I) in one of each teams, while brainstorming. One of the challenges of the day was to keep the ideas realistic and within the budget seeing that they are going to be built. Before lunch they had 30 minutes to build a new model, or to continue working on the one they had from workshop 5, after which they presented it to one another for about 5 minutes a group.

Here are the results

The interactive tree – if you put an open book into the hole it will read parts of it to you and you can listen to audiobooks together


The Rockin’ chair – here you can listen to music and just relax. If you lean towards the right of the chair with your head you will jump to the next number, if you lean towards the left you go back a number.

The Wall – this wall can be moved around and folded together as to take as little space as possible. It’s built so you can stand and work, write on it and move it into different spaces of the school.

After lunch the Shift-P team went back to working with Alina, and our team went back to the design lab. When back in the D-lab it was time for the students to introduce the projects to Mogens (Danish is tricky, his name is in reality pronounced like something in the direction of [Mouns]). We talked about construction, material, colors and who were going to build what.

Asking the students to be realistic we find is very important while working, as to not disappoint them when starting up the building face.

By the end of the day many of the students checked out with a big smile and a talking about what was going to happen the upcoming workshops.

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