So far so good! All the students have all their fingers left and and a lot, A LOT of saw dust in their hair and all over their clothes. Since we didn’t want to force the students into working with any of the projects, instead we helped them find a thing that they wanted to do. One of the girls have shown a big interest in taking pictures, so i gave her my iPhone and told her that her task today was to be our photo journalist (all pictures today are taken by this girl). Later on, when she got tired of taking pictures, i asked her to write a little article to go with the photos. Two other girls didn’t want to do anything that had to do with sawing, so they were put on painting duty. This also worked well.

Since we decided to put the once who couldn’t focus on the projects on other duties, the once who could didn’t get disturbed. Instead they could dive straight into drawing, cutting and sawing. Like always some of the students showed completely new sides and took our breath away with their determination and will to learn.

When i write this i specially have one girl in mind, one of the girls who normally looses her concentration within minutes of starting class. Once she had learned how to handle the jigsaw she didn’t want to let go, so when one of her fellow students asked me at 11am “Can’t we just go to lunch now?”, she starred at her and said “NO, we have 5 minutes left…!” and continued sawing with a fierce concentration in her eyes. She was determined to finish the first of four sides of the Rockin’ Chair before going to lunch.

After she continued with the last 3. I was even more impressed with her persistency after i tried sawing just one small part of sides, my arm was messed up after just 2 minutes.

Not everything went as planned when it comes to the other 2 projects, but when does it ever go according to the plan? The main thing is that it went well and that it is moving in the right direction.

Short question to Bram, working on The Tree together with Heidi:

Q: What have been specially interesting today?

B: I think the greatest thing about today was experiencing the kids enthusiasm and their high level of energy being channeled into this project. That there were able to control themselves, work seriously and very focused in order to and a get some great work done. I think this is power of the design process, it made them care and created a deep involvement in the project. They have taken all the steps, not just dropped in randomly.


….Time to run to the next meeting

There ain’t no rest for the wicked…


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