Oh lalá! Today has been a long and beautiful day. Many of the students have been amazing while others just been cute and annoying or straight obnoxious.

But let’s focus on the good ones, and there are many good ones (normally the good ones can run amok and be obnoxious for a few minutes and then go back to being good). I can understand that today hasn’t been exactly exciting for them seeing that there’s been a lot of painting to do, and tomorrow there will be even more, but it’s a part of the project, asking them to follow through the projects that they have initiated, and that they, by the end of all this, hopefully will stand next to and say “I was a part of making this!”

For some it’s a reality check that they can’t just go back and forth as they please, and for some it comes naturally it’s a part of their upbringing. It’s not only fun and games, but we do try to make it as interesting for them as we possibly can. It is tricky to make precision work interesting, specially seeing that many students don’t have the patience for it. So, the deal is the same as yesterday, if you want to be a part of it: ” Good, be a part of it for real don’t just play around” and the once who don’t: “Good, go back and take part of the regular classes”. Most of the students stayed with us the entire day through.

Most add that the girl who took all the pictures yesterday check-in with a big smile while saying “I’m checking in that i’m really happy that i got to use the camera yesterday, and that i’m looking forward to continue writing the article today!”. Later on she told me that she wrote about the Rockin’ Chair yesterday, and that she today would be focusing on the other projects, and that that was the reason why she wasn’t going to hang around with us all day. I’m looking forward to reading what she wrote, and you will be able to find a translated version on this blog.

The Tree has been moving forward, the frame is as good as done, now it’s just covering them up and making the branches left. It’s taking way longer then we had hoped for, but not much to do about that. we just have to come back in two weeks and make sure to get it finished before the grand show the 2nd of may.

The Wall is going good to. If it wasn’t for Jens there would’t be a Wall at all, so Thank You Jens from the button of our hearst! You are AWESOME! This project is one of the ones that takes a lot of painting, and that is not a very popular task.

The Rockin’ Chair is close to finished. There are some things left, such as putting on the bottom and back plate, but that is something that has to wait until Alina and her team have finished installing all their gadgets.

After finishing with the students around 13.30 we stayed at the school working on different things before heading of to a meeting with the day care center at 16.30, where we asked them about their dreams, desires and realities when it comes to the space they are in. After that we ran 50 meters to the next meeting, this time with the after-school section of the school. Here we asked them the same, both sitting down with the blueprint and while being showed around the different areas of their space.

Now it is late and we have an early day tomorrow, so now i bid you Good Night

Good Night

Moa (and Heidi)

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