Today is the day after our last building workshop. We have had time to regain our strength and are about to take on the big task of working on, what we call, the follow up, in lack of better words.

Yesterday was a succes in it self even though we didn’t manage to finish the work on the Rockin’ Chair nor the Tree. We did as much as we could in the amount of time we had and with the Shift-P team in consideration.

The day started with the usual Check-In, after which we had a bit of a serious talk about the paint, seeing that the day before left all of us (including the once who had nothing to do with painting) with paint on clothes and faces. After this was done we all went to our places and continued where we left of the day before. The article was written, the Tree continued growing, the Rockin’ Chair got a specially designed table and the Wall was painted.


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  1. Bram Alexander Andersen 13/04/2012 at 17:53 Reply

    Looks good! Wish I was there :)

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